The Prince Efere Foundation

The Prince Efere Foundation (PEF) was founded in 2000. It is a non-profit making organisation that has been providing support, information and education in healthcare (particularly in the areas of HIV/AIDS and STI prevention, sexual and reproductive health) and community development.

Over the years, the foundation has also awarded scholarships to many youths in Nigeria, particularly in the Niger Delta, to study at various universities other institutions in Nigeria. In the past decade, a good number of people have benefited from the scholarship scheme.

It has been a remarkable achievement and a huge success story for the foundation, enabling Nigerian youth (particularly those in the Niger Delta) to be empowered, by gaining knowledge in various aspects of life and work.

In 2010, the Prince Efere Foundation was registered as a charity in Nigeria, by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). The overall objectives of the foundation are to promote and support:-

  • Education;
  • Healthcare;
  • Conservation and environmental protection;
  • Community development and poverty alleviation;
  • Culture; and
  • Good leadership, democratic values and peace

The foundation will be working closely with local and international NGOs with similar objectives, governments at various levels, communities and stakeholders, in the course of seeking to achieve the objectives of the foundation.